On the night of saturday , i'll like to talk about products , i used for my skin ^^
and someone recommended to me . 
for my skin face , i use Garnier but i prefer like to use Garnier scrub only 

i like use dis product . espically for the scrub^^

for my hair : 
dove ! <3 ntahh pkai tetap gugur jeee

 anti-frizz serum 
i love dis one , cream conditioner :) 
i use L'oreal :) 
i didnt like to use anti-frizz serum , so baru2 nii . beli cream conditioner  . macam baguss je . pakaii ! 
espically rmbot mcm akuu . mmg cnfirm kne pkaii ^^

bab2 tuu je pentingg , toner , foundationn . tak nk pakai ! tak cukup umur ag hahaha :D 

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